Play Dance Dance Revolution… Save On Insurance

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There have been discussions over the past few years about the problem of childhood obesity and how video games that force kids to be active may be at least part of the solution. While going outside and doing something is probably better, if they must be staring at a screen, they might as well be active about it. It appears that one insurance company has decided to test this out and is running a study by giving Dance, Dance Revolution to kids in an effort to make them lose some weight. While others have noted the aerobic nature of the game (and the game apparently has a calorie burning counter as an option), this appears to be the first insurance company promoting the game. Next thing you know, your car insurance rates will rise if you play Grand Theft Auto…

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Comments on “Play Dance Dance Revolution… Save On Insurance”

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Scott says:

Re: Not that weird.

In any physically intense exercise there is always a risk of damaging yourself. Dehydration, Pulling a muscle, twisting an ankle, falling down, getting cuts, mashing a finger, whatever.

Afterall, DDR comes with warning screens. It’s not like it’s any more of a risky exercise than lifting weights, rollerblading or biking.

Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I wonder if insurance companies in general are starting to become more proactive? My homeowners insurance company showed up at the door this morning to inspect the property. In 13 years of home ownership I’ve never had this happen. I called my agent and he said its becoming very common for carriers to make personal visits to assess both the value of the house (to see if you are out pacing your insurance) and also to look for potential liabilities such as decks not built to code, or pools not properly secured.

The whole think had a certain big brother feel to it.

Denis says:


I bought this game for my child say, 3 months ago. He’s not one to exercise but he loves this game. Just about 3 weeks after I bought him this game, I noticed that he started to lose weight. He has lost alot of weight ever since I bought him this game. And I’m glad I did buy it for him, because he has been more active then ever this past few weeks.

ddr manufacturer (user link) says:

Dance Dance Revolution Loss Weight?

Dance Dance Revolution games offer a specific “Workout Mode” in which players can choose a song, and play accordingly using either the normal step routine, or a modified step routine designed to provided a workout. The workout mode also allows players to track their progress, not in the standard step scores, but by calories burned, minutes played, and distance traveled. The game also calculates the equivalent of DDR dancing to common exercise activities, and can keep track of a player’s weight as well.

The built-in workout features have inspired many DDR fans to make playing DDR their primary source of exercise, and some have built entire weight-loss regimens around the game. However, as with all new diet or exercise plans, it is recommended that one discusses the changes with their doctor.

There are many different types of DDR pad you can purchase. You will need a gaming system such as a Play station or an Xbox and of course the DDR pads and DDR games!

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