Flushing Your Phone Away

from the who-knew? dept

Apparently, the the fact that mobile phones are so small and people carry them everywhere has meant that plumbers are finding big business in retrieving phones from toilets. While it does make you wonder what sort of request this reporter had to put out to find folks who would admit to dropping phones into toilets (sometimes more than once), it appears that more than a few people have sent their mobile phone swimming in the porcelain pool.

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Comments on “Flushing Your Phone Away”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

It's not uncommon

My younger sister’s friend bought a very fancy color cellphone and dropped it into the toilet less than 8 hours later and they would not replace it because it was “water damaged”. He ended up forking out another $400+ to buy a second one just like it.

He left the ruined phone at my sister’s place, and after a couple of weeks it dried out and spontaneously started working again – but noone wanted to hold it up to their face to talk on it…

acousticiris (user link) says:

Happened to me with an old pager ...

It’s actually not all that hard to see how that could happen.
I took the pager off, set it on top of the tank, proceeded to make use of the *ahem*facilities*ahem*, and left the bathroom sans pager.
Meanwhile, somewhere on the other side of town, I was being paged. My pager, being on vibrate went rattle-rattle-rattle-rattle-plunk.
Luckily, I flushed after using, so the bowl was “clean”, but that still didn’t make fishing it out of the bottom of the can any fun.
Also luckily, after taking it apart, letting it air-dry for the day, and putting it back together I found the pager worked just like before.

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