Sony PSP: Good Inventory Planning, Poor Marketing Strategy?

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These days, when a hot new gadget hits the market, you almost expect it to sell out and be hard to find for the first month or so. Apparently, that’s not happening with the new Sony PSP handheld gaming device. Analysts are saying that it’s selling well, but not selling out. From the sound of it, Sony may have done a good job accurately forecasting demand and supplying retailers with a reasonable number of the devices. That’s the good news. However, since the expectation is that it will sell out, does it appear to be a negative for Sony that it didn’t sell out — even if it’s more an aspect of inventory management, rather than device popularity?

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Comments on “Sony PSP: Good Inventory Planning, Poor Marketing Strategy?”

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Permanent4 (profile) says:

Someone thinks the PSP launch WASN'T huge?

I wouldn’t call 575,000 units sold in the first week of launch a failure at all, especially considering the average price point for a PSP, games and accessories is probably somewhere between $400 and $500. That’s no small amount of change. Nintendo was thrilled to move half a million DS handhelds in its first week in the U.S., and it’s only $149, compared to the $249 MSRP for the PSP. So Sony didn’t move a million right off the bat. Big deal. The PSP is still a hit by any definition.

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