ISPs Mock Network Neutrality, Want To Block Your VoIP Usage

from the uh-oh... dept

It looks like some ISP are just screaming out to be regulated. For the most part, the FCC has avoided mandating network neutrality because there was almost no evidence that ISPs were blocking or favoring certain traffic from competitive offerings. Well, not any more. While the FCC has already penalized one ISP for blocking Vonage traffic, the issue is getting a lot more attention since overhyped wireless ISP Clearwire proudly joined the block brigade. What’s surprising, though, is the amount of vocal support they appear to be getting from other ISPs. Broadband Reports points to an article quoting a few ISP representatives who come out in support of Clearwire, and claim that ISPs should have full control over what their users do on their lines — and if that means blocking access to things like competitive VoIP, more power to them. It even includes some highly sarcastic comments from the president and CEO of the U.S. Internet Industry Association: “Oh, yes, we should run screaming to nanny government and get permission to stop Clearwire if we don’t like what they do.” These ISPs claim they’re selling unlimited access to the internet — and the value that they’re selling are all of the applications and services that allows. Blocking certain applications is false advertising. If they want to sell access to their own private network with specific limitations, they should make that clear. If they’re selling unlimited access to the internet, then they shouldn’t be blocking usage.

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Comments on “ISPs Mock Network Neutrality, Want To Block Your VoIP Usage”

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chris lindgren (user link) says:


You say “These ISPs claim they want to sell unlimited access to the internet” They actually never really made that claim you are only claiming they did. Your arguement really takes a nose dive when you offer two facts that point out they are not claiming to offer unlimited access. Like the gentleman says stop sniveling.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: contradiction

They’re ISPs. They’re selling internet access. The value proposition is selling access to the internet, which includes all services and applications that go on top of it.

They’re the ones who are sniveling, just because someone is actually *using* the service that they’re offering. They built a business model on the idea that people wouldn’t actually use what they’re selling, and now that they are, they’re complaining about it.

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