Netflix User Queues Shared On Google

from the oops-i-didn't-know-that-was-a-secret dept

Though “googling” has been a recognized part of the English vernacular for a few years now, privacy pundits still cringe at the plethora of publicly available information only an “I’m feeling lucky” click away. Well, privacy pundits start a’screaming, since your personal Netflix queue may now be available for all to see on Google. Has Netflix gotten a little too overzealous with its search engine optimization? Or, has googlebot gotten a little aggressive with its caching? Either way, I want to know if the googlebot is adding movies to user queues. (One cautionary note about viewing that google result — clicking on the links will add that movie to your netflix queue if you’re logged in.) Well at least now you can claim that it was the googlebot that added Gigli to your queue…

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