Internet Hunting Becomes The Hunted

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The idea of Internet “hunting” has many people — hunters included — up in arms (so to speak). Now lawmakers in several states are pushing legislation to outlaw the practice, by requiring shooters to be present at the scene of the hunt and in possession of the firearm at the time of the shooting. The CEO of the Humane Society of the United States wants the federal government to get involved, even raising the issue of homeland security. Though it’s understandable that ‘net hunting would be considered offensive (or at least particularly unsporting) by many, the whole thing sounds pretty absurd. How many people are seriously dropping 300 bucks to click a mouse and… um… drop a buck? Has it really become such an issue that state governments and the US Congress really need to get involved?

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Comments on “Internet Hunting Becomes The Hunted”

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crystalattice (profile) says:

Only in America

I don’t have an issue w/ hunting per se, but canned hunts are crap. It seems along the lines of bear-baiting, fox hunting, bull fighting, and other “sports” where the animals don’t have a fair chance. IMHO, they would do better to ban canned hunting than Internet hunting.
Internet hunting might actually be better because you have to wait for the animal to come into view rather than actively chasing it; if they charged by the minute or hour, it could be very profitable.
One way they could regulate it is to only allow one bullet per person and giving you a cheap scope. They could regulate it so much that it would be very difficult to actually kill an animal remotely.
The argument about “homeland security” is just plain crap. I hate how everything nowadays always comes back to terrorism. The US needs to get over itself and realize that, if American policy didn’t “require” us to be the world’s police and get involved in other countries issues, maybe we wouldn’t be the “Great Satan”. I honestly don’t believe terrorists care about remote hunting; they’ve got bombs.

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