FBI Playing The Role Of Hollywood Enforcer

from the isn't-that-a-civil-issue? dept

Last year, Hollywood put on a push to get the government to allocate FBI and Department of Justice resources towards helping them prop up their obsolete business model. The idea was that the RIAA’s own private police force didn’t have enough of an ability to break down doors themselves, but those fancy FBI badges do wonders — so why not let the FBI take on investigations in civil disputes that really shouldn’t involve the government at all? Well, after declaring that the “war” (yes, they called it that) on intellectual property violations was just as serious as the (oh so successful) “wars” on drugs, terrorism and corruption, it appears the FBI is finally spending our hard earned tax dollars scanning the internet for people listening to music they didn’t pay for. Is this really the best use of FBI resources at this particular time — especially as more and more artists are looking to embrace file sharing as “the new radio?”

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