Oh, You Mean The Lobbyists Don't Get To Write All The Laws?

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There have been a number of reports about how lobbyists are more or less writing the anti-muni broadband laws for many different states. However, when the politicians actually decide to write the laws themselves, the lobbyists freak out. Apparently, a Verizon lobbyist in West Virginia stormed out of a Senate meeting furiously after he discovered that pro-muni legislation was being introduced that wasn’t first reviewed (and rewritten) by telco lobbyists. What will those crazy politicians think of next?

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Comments on “Oh, You Mean The Lobbyists Don't Get To Write All The Laws?”

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TJ says:

I am getting tired of these virtual and real monop

This reminds me of reading about the “Train Barons” of the last century, like Rockefeller. He and his peers ploughed through the heartland and the interests of the country to their own enrichment.

The West Virginia legislator made a great comparison of having cheap broadband bring economic success to ALL of the region, not just the Telco and Cable Robber Barons. He noted that such programs are what moved Ireland to such a successful position in the past 10 years, and I am very envious when my friends in Europe and Japan cite costs that are 1/4 or less than what I pay COmcast (and are provided by competition, not govenment.) But I am doubtful that the US public is smart enough to care, let alone call their representatives to serve their interests in this matter.

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