Your Info (Right Or Wrong) Is Not Your Own

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Two separate pieces this morning highlight a number of points that have been popping up on Techdirt quite a bit over the past few weeks. The first is a summary (once again) of all of the various private data leaks/hacks/handouts/whatever that may have put your personal data at risk. To be honest, while it’s getting a lot of attention this month, it’s likely that this is all par for the course. It’s just that the press has finally picked up on it. The article notes that, so far, the only thing Congress has done is try to make the punishment for identity theft higher — which is an after the fact solution, that does little to push companies to be more secure with their your data. The article also notes, again, that none of these data leaks came via the internet, and there was nothing any individual could have done to stop them. The second story concerns the fact that ChoicePoint has plenty of incorrect data about people — and no way to request a change. It turns out (whooooops!) that’s against the law. Of course, given their apparent inability to protect your data, perhaps it’s good that they can’t get your data correct. Maybe people should start purposely putting errors into these reports so they can track who’s leaking the data.

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Comments on “Your Info (Right Or Wrong) Is Not Your Own”

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Mike K. says:

Trust-e Verifies ChoicePoint?

This may be slightly off-topic, but how in the world does Trust-e verify that the ChoicePoint stands up to privacy standards? I think we should all write Trust-e (I have already) and ask for the immediate removal of ChoicePoint from the Trust-e program. If Trust-e is going to allow companies like ChoicePoint be members of their program, then their program is worthless

John Doe (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

When asked:

My zip code is 90210

My phone # is 555-1212

My name is John Doe

& I live @ 101 Main street.

Also, its a good idea to always keep a ” spare ” email box for junk, registrations, etc so you can keep your REAL email account fairly clean and only use it for correspondance you actually want.

BTW: Check out:

GREAT site for helping you get started on the path to removing your name from databases & protecting your privacy.

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