The $100,000 Screensaver

from the a-bargain-at-half-the-price dept

Here’s one for the IT folks reading the site who can’t stand people installing stuff on their own and making life difficult for others. It’s the story of a law firm where a few people at the firm got some spam about some “great new screensavers” which they decided to install… which unleashed some sort of malicious file that eventually meant the entire network was shut down, and each PC had to be cleaned up individually, for a total cost of somewhere around $100,000. Who are these people who aren’t skeptical of spam?

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Comments on “The $100,000 Screensaver”

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slim999 says:

No Subject Given

The bigger issue here is that the law firm clearly had either no system administrator, or a maroon for one.

(Yes, I know it’s misspelled … if you don’t get the reference, well then you spent too little time watching cartoons as a kid.)

It’s quite common for smallish firms to work this way, where they have some outsourced IT business come in every few months to update and upgrade things.

You get what you pay for. As you lawyers like to say: “Caveat Emptor.”

I’ll not get into the obvious solution here, which is to first kill all the lawyers. (Hat Tip: William Shakespeare.)

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