We're Still Overworked — Even On Vacation

from the and-underpaid? dept

There have been a lot of these studies lately, but the most recent says that, indeed, we’re all still overworked — thanks in good part to the ability of technology to keep us connected all the time. While most such studies focus on people doing additional work after hours or on weekends, this one finds that many people do work while on vacation or are not taking advantage of much of their vacation time. Yet, we still have employers insisting that employees playing solitaire is a big problem. Employers need to realize that if they’re setting the message that work can follow you home and on vacation, that personal time and activities should be allowed at work as well.

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Comments on “We're Still Overworked — Even On Vacation”

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Paul (user link) says:

Total wrong attitude

Try taking a vacation with no cell phone and no Internet connection. It is exhilirating! Only the strong will do this (as I have).
Too many people believe that they are in control when they can be reached via multiple avenues (Blackberry, IM, phone, email) at any time of the day. These poor souls have yet to discover the true wisdom that *others* are in control of their lives at this point.
Those of us that have figured out the game know how to be connected when needed, but how to let others manage (through delegation). It requires a person whose entire existence is not centered around his/her job and the status that it brings. Unfortunately, there are still too many of these people.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Total wrong attitude


I most def have to agree with you with one minor change.

I still take the laptop & cellphone along in case I need to make a call or look something up on the net, BUT its for MY use.

I keep the phone & laptop turned off & only power them up ” if ” needed for MY use, not my employers.

I make it a point NOT to check email or voicemail either when I turn them on.

knight37 (user link) says:


We are not overworked. We’re fat and lazy and we all have attention deficit disorder. We want it our way and we want it right now dammit. We drive around in plush gas guzzling sports cars and SUV’s, we buy expensive but useless gadgets and we download lots of pr0n and mp3’s on our wide pipe 24 hour continuous internet feeds. You want to know overworked, look at the sweat shops in Asia. Basically anyone who is reading this post is NOT overworked. Sorry you might think so. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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