Phishers Using Cash For Bait

from the easy-marks dept

Someone should do a study on the way the various phishing scams have evolved over time. From the original, poorly worded spam messages trying to get people to give up their bank account or credit card info to very slick replicas that currently go out and even on to mixing and matching 419 scams with phishing scams, it appears that those involved with phishing attacks keep adjusting. That’s probably because the scam seems to be running dry in a few places. The latest trick is to try to appeal to a surfer’s greed, rather than just fear that something is wrong with their account. A new set of phishing emails are offering up cash in exchange for giving away your info — though, of course, no one ever sees the cash (if anything, they see less of it in their own accounts). However, given the fact that many people will hand over their passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar, a pen, or a friendly smile, is it any wonder that offering a few dollars seems to make people give away their bank accounts?

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