Did The Entertainment Industry Plant Evidence At ISP?

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Last week we noted yet another case where the entertainment industry was allowed to use its own enforcement to raid an ISP and cart away records, claiming that the ISP allowed copyrighted material to be available on a server. However, Slashdot is now claiming that the reason the entertainment industry knew the material was there was because they put the material there themselves. Apparently, they had an “informer” to whom they gave the necessary servers and content — and had him install them at the ISP. In other words, the industry itself put the content at the ISP in order to raid them later — and (they hoped) get the log files with the IP addresses of those who downloaded from the very server they put there. While there were already questions about whether using those log files violates strict privacy laws in Sweden, the fact that they planted the server makes the whole matter even more questionable. Of course, it also makes you wonder how they can claim anyone downloading the content was “unauthorized” downloading if they supplied it themselves to be set up for just that purpose.

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