Someone Buy 8×8 A Dictionary And Highlight Unlimited

from the false-advertising... dept

It appears that the folks at 8×8 Inc., who offer the Packet8 VoIP service, have taken a page out of Comcast’s playbook. While they claim to offer “unlimited” service, it turns out that it really is quite limited, and if you exceed their arbitrary limits, they start charging you a lot more. Obviously, there are costs involved for these companies, and no one is saying they need to lose money on these offerings. However, they also shouldn’t be advertising them as unlimited — as that’s clearly false advertising.

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Comments on “Someone Buy 8×8 A Dictionary And Highlight Unlimited”

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TJ says:


Could the Federal Trade Commission establish a definition for ‘unlimited’ in service advertising like the FDA did with “low fat” and such in food advertising? If they can and do, the definition might be pretty simple, as in, “without limits”.

The marketers are spoiling another word. Anyone with sense should know ‘free’ and even ‘absolutely free’ are crap almost without exception. The same is becoming true of unlimited, after which it will have lost much of its value, which will bring on ‘absolutely unlimited’ I suppose.

Anonymous Coward says:



” Newspeak ” is flat out wrong.
( 1984 – Big Brother )

Unlimited means no restraints.
If the company wants to put caps on their service that is fine, but advertising the service as “unlimited” when it is in fact not is false advertising.
Government regulation of language isn’t the answer. A good dictionary is.

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