Man Sends Airplane Bomb Threat… From His Own Phone

from the gee,-how-do-you-think-they-caught-him? dept

People sending in hoax bomb threats to airplanes are all too common, but most of them at least try to cover their tracks. However, one guy simply sent a text message from his own phone, which (as you might imagine) made him easy to track down. While you first have to wonder what goes through someone’s head who would want to report a fake bomb threat in the first place — should they be so moronic to actually go through with it, why would they ever do it in a way that immediately identifies them?

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Comments on “Man Sends Airplane Bomb Threat… From His Own Phone”

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zakopoulds says:

No Subject Given

Mike, slight misjudgment there…it was the most evil plan of all. he sent the sms, got caught, was freed probably some time later, some days later he will plant the bomb and come out and say i told you so, which will really suck and make US look stupid.
I say kill the f***er because even if he isn’t a superintelligent evil terrorist, he can still reproduce (which also sucks)

Anonymous Caller says:

Re: Re: Re: Re Cellphone bomb hoax

There was a similar episode in Wisconsin.
A passenger on an amtrack train called in
several bomb threats from his cellphone.

They stopped the train and transported
the passengers by busto a school building,
where they were interviewed while the
train was searched.

There was no bomb. The person who called
in the threat said he was angry because
they put hot peppers on his in-transit

I hope bland prison food is more to
his liking.

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