Parents Monitoring Kids Internet Usage

from the so-why-do-we-need-a-law? dept

While the government continues to try to pass laws regulating ISPs and other organizations about setting up filters on internet content, a new study shows that many parents are fairly active in monitoring their children’s internet usage. That’s a good thing. It should be the parents determining what’s appropriate for the kids, rather than the government. Of course, as one parent notes, this might just be giving those parents a false sense of security. Many of these systems don’t work very well or are easily defeated by tech savvy kids (and a lot more kids, these days, are tech savvy). While there’s nothing wrong with using tools like filters and such (assuming their not forced upon the parents as well), it seems like a much better method is through education and teaching the kids about the internet, and what might be dangerous to them. Then, even if the tools don’t work appropriately, kids at least have some knowledge in how to react.

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