News Sites Pointing To Translation Sites

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E-Media Tidbits raises some interesting questions about how an online news site handles linking to a source in a foreign language. In the example, they point to a news site that just points to the Google translation, which has plenty of problems. The standard I’ve seen is that sites usually point to the original, while noting the different language, and may also point to a translation while admitting the translation is loose. However, with news becoming a cross border, cross language issue, this is going to be a question that more news sites have to face at some point. Of course, how long will it be until someone freaks out over a mis-translation and tries to sue for libel?

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Comments on “News Sites Pointing To Translation Sites”

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dorpus says:

Foreign News as Crack Cocaine

Man, crime abroad happens differently from here, in both funny and terrible ways. It’s so addicting. In this foreign language article, scammers in Osaka are calling families, telling them they kidnapped their daughters, and threatening to sell them into sexual slavery in the Philippines unless the family pays ransom.

In this article, which I haven’t seen mentioned in US media, an Iraqi serial killer who killed 21 boys, known as the “desert vampire”, was executed in public by a vigilante jury — first by lashings, then getting stabbed in the back with a sword by the brother of one of the victims, and finally having one of the mothers tie a nylon rope around his neck, and hanging him up high on an industrial crane.

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