FTC Cracks Down On CompUSA Over Bogus Rebate Program

from the ah,-that-again... dept

The rebate scam used by consumer electronics firms is fairly well known. Basically, the retailers advertise a very low price, but the only way to get it is to pay a much higher price and send away for a rebate (which many people forget to do). However, most of these retailers contract out the rebate programs to firms who have the incentive to figure out ways to deny or delay your rebate. This includes common tactics like denying the rebate for some random reason or waiting until you called to send out the rebate (and then telling you “it just went out yesterday…”). While it’s always done by third party firms, it looks like the retailers are finally getting in trouble for the practice. Last year, the state of Ohio cracked down on Best Buy for rebate failures, and now the FTC and CompUSA have settled charges concerning false rebate info, including delaying payments (promised in six to eight weeks) for many months.

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Comments on “FTC Cracks Down On CompUSA Over Bogus Rebate Program”

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gp says:

No Subject Given

You know the rebate jig is almost up when Fry’s, whose rebates I have been scammed on again and again, is advertising some items as “no rebate required”. I refuse to buy a product with a rebate unless I am happy to pay the non-rebate price, because at least half the time that’s what I end up paying. The result is I now wait 30 days before purchasing, when the non-rebate price has dropped to the old rebate price. Love that deflationary tech industry!

Lindsay says:

Staples too

i purchased a 160 gig Maxtor harddrive from Staples that included a 35 dollar rebate, i was a little skeptical at first buy went along with it as i needed a second drive anyway, so i take it home and go to Staples rebate website which was not working, so i fill in the details on the recipt and snail mail it in, this was in the early part of January just after new years, here it is almost mid march and no rebate money in the mail, fool me once shame on you, well there wont be a second time for now on i refuse to purchase items that are discounted with rebates, just a ripoff, seems like the FTC would crackdown even harder then they are now and outlaw the rebate practice as deceptive advertising that includes prison time for the perpetrators…

Jonathan Kamens (user link) says:

Re: Staples too

Yup, I’ve had a problem with a Staples rebate as well. They owe me $10 for a valid rebate which I submitted correctly, and Parao, Staples’ rebate processing vendor, is refusing to send the $10. Their claimed reasons for the refusal make no sense and contradict the tracking information about my rebate submission that is visible to me on http://www.stapleseasyrebates.com. Of course they refuse to explain the contradictions. I’ve posted the entire story at http://www.mit.edu/~jik/staples-story/, which I’m keeping current with updates as they occur.

Vicki A. Oliveros (user link) says:

Re: Staples too

I think they should go to prision if they dont stand
by their Rebates because its not right for them to
say that they will give you a rebate then go back on
thier word espically if the produt you buy is over priced thats money that could be used to pay bills & buy food . I bought a labtop from comp usa they told us we would get a $250.00 rebate back on my Toshabia the price was $699.95 but by the time they added the unit price target number case& thevthree year warinty and power of optimizer for Msxp the toatal came out to 1,388.65 I hope we get this rebate back if not I will get a lawyer there is a smaller rebate for &7.00 also . yes I agree if they dont stand good for these rebates then they should serve time
in prision.thank you for giving me the chance to give you my opion.
Vicki A. Oliveros

Sheri says:

Re: Staples too

I’m surprised you had a problem with a staples rebate. Maybe it was the paper process. Since I’ve used their online system I have received every single one promptedly with email notice when they first receive it. I buy a lot with rebates & staples has been reliable. Good luck get this finished up. Hopefully they will get a good when you call as their online submissions have been for me. (Walgreens & Excerds have also been consistent. Best Buy & Compusa can be challenging to infuriating.)

To those who what rebates gone, I like them. It eats up my time to follow through, but I always get it in the end & meanwhile I buy some pricer stuff for free that I would have difficulty paying for on my limited income. If I wasn’t limited, I’d just pay full price & skip the hassle! Believe it or not, rebate processing has gotten better over the last several years.

aNonMooseCowherd says:

WD disk and cable modem rebates

The last thing I bought with a rebate was a Western Digital disk at Fry’s, and I did get my rebate. The previous rebate was for $100 from my ISP for a cable modem. I got a letter from a couple of months later them claiming some bogus reason why they wouldn’t pay the rebate, but curiously this was after they had already paid it (and yes, their check was good).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: WD disk and cable modem rebates

Rebate advice:

#1 – When you send your rebate in, use a mailing method that proves when the rebate house received it. Certified/Return Receipt is the obvious way, but a cheaper way is a small jiffy pack sent priority mail with delivery confirmation (you can’t get delivery certification for regular envelopes). Having the ability to prove when your rebate submission was delivered is huge, and I believe that rebate processors will expedite any rebates received in that manner.

#2 – At the first hint of any problem (“missing packing slip, incomplete form, deadline missed” etc.), send a copy of everything you sent before to the rebate company, expressedly pointing out how your submission is valid. CC (carbon copy) the original retailer, the manufacturer, the FTC, the BBB and your state attorney general. Again, send the original to the rebate company certified or delivery confirmation.

AW says:

CompUSA Rebate Scam - New

CompUSA has a new way to prevent customers from claiming rebates — so beware!

They have an e-rebates website where they encourage you to enter the purchase information to expedite the rebate. However, the website does not permit you to enter the time of purchase, which is needed for the processing of the rebate. Entering the time just causes it to revert to 00:00.

I noticed this when I entered my information, that it would not take the time. As a result I mailed in the information since the website was not functioning.

When I called to find out where the rebate was, I was told that using both the website and mailing in the form invalidates the rebate. When I complained that the website did not allow entering the time, I was told they knew that, it was a “glitch” in the website.

So — don’t use the e-rebates website as it is designed to fail. Just mail in the rebate using the form and hope for the best. Beware that using both methods will invalidate the rebate (I was told that is the “number one rule” by CompUSA.)

Where is the Better Business Bureau when you need them?

Paul Pearson says:

Compusa erebates ripoff

I also am finding out what a scam this is and am going down to the local Tucson AZ store to protest with a manager. I tried submitting the rebate offers online but kept getting a “Receipt not found due to incorrect data entry” message, this is still going on. Everytime I tried to correct the receipt it kept saying the receipt was already entered. After a few days I kept getting email saying my info need to be updated, everytime I logged in to correct the info it kept saying the info was already entered.

I sent in a few rebates forms by mail thinking I wasnt going to get the reabate , now I find out that they wont honor rebates if they are filed online as well as by mail!

WHAT A RIPOFF! Its not fair and Im not going to leave the store till I get my money back, are you listening CompUSSR?

Paul Pearson says:

Compusa erebates ripoff

I also am finding out what a scam this is and am going down to the local Tucson AZ store to protest with a manager. I tried submitting the rebate offers online but kept getting a “Receipt not found due to incorrect data entry” message, this is still going on. Everytime I tried to correct the receipt it kept saying the receipt was already entered. After a few days I kept getting email saying my info need to be updated, everytime I logged in to correct the info it kept saying the info was already entered.

I sent in a few rebates forms by mail thinking I wasnt going to get the reabate , now I find out that they wont honor rebates if they are filed online as well as by mail!

WHAT A RIPOFF! Its not fair and Im not going to leave the store till I get my money back, are you listening CompUSSR?

geri says:

compusa won't honor rebate

on 1-30-05 i purchased a 500 gb external hard drive by maxtor. when i called compusa to check on the rebate i was told they never received it. then i got the BIG run around. i was told to call one number after another and was on hold over 25 minutes every time before hanging up. the bottom line was “IT MUST BE LOST IN THE MAIL” and they are not responsible for that. i asked, if it is lost, how do you know it was lost in the mail as opposed to being lost at your place of business or just not submitted by your employees?. they said, it does not matter. we don’t have it, you don’t get the rebate. this just does not add up. anyone can say they did not receive something. i have photocopies of everything.. this is a SCAM. i even called maxtor and they won’t do anything so don’t trust them either. when a customer spends the amount of money i did on this and they all join together and no one will own up to being responsible you have to know they are all in on the scam. this has to be illegal and if everyone writes to consumer affairs something will have to be done. maybe one of you out there has more knowledge and can suggest something better. i am sure it is a lot bigger than we all know. it has GOT to be stopped.


Crystal Fingland says:

Comp USA and their Scams

I am all too familiar with the Comp USA rebate scam. I bought a Norwood monitor back in early December. I entered my rebate on 1-18-06, and the erebate supposedly was mailed on 3-1-06. I never received the rebate. So I called their customer service line and spoke with an associate. She then proceeded to tell me that my rebate was mailed out and I did not receive it because they sent the rebate out with no street number. She said that I only entered the name of my street. I then asked her to tell me where on their website I could find my personal information. This she could not tell me. I did find this odd because why would I not enter the proper information knowing that the rebate was going to be mailed. Anyway, I can chalk that up to human error on my end.

What I found disturbing was that she could not tell me where I could find my personal information. From there she told me that she had changed the information for me and that COMP USA would stop payment on the check that had been mailed, which would take 30 days and then mail another check. From there I asked to speak with her manager because why would it take 30 days to stop payment on the check.

I spoke with the manager who said that they would stop payment on the check, and that it takes 30 for the company to cut another check. I then asked why it would take an additional 30 days, and said that I have been waiting for this rebate for 3 months and now I am going to have to wait and other month. He then said that it was company policy and that they can not change company policy, that if I was looking for someone to blame then, I should blame myself. This is what has really upset me. Isn’t the manager supposed to try and defuse a problem instead of escalating the problem? I told him that I was willing to take the blame, and was just upset that it has taken so long to get the rebate. And that due to the run around that I had been getting from them, I doubted that I would be shopping there again. The manager then retorted with: “before you stop shopping at COMP USA, I would make sure that you are not to the one to blame” On that note, I said, “I want my fifty dollars” and hung up.

To me the fifty dollars is not worth this headache, but what is worth it is making sure that the problems associated with COMP USA rebates are readily available. So that I may be able to let someone know about the problems before the headache is theirs.

I have followed up with an e-mail to their customer service and had no response. I intend on giving them a few more days, and then intend to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Steve Bielak says:

Compusa rebates

Similiar story. Claimed I sent wrong UPC. I called and was told I’d get my $100 within 30 days if I sent it. 30 days passed, no $100. Called, told me to fax it and I’d get my $100. 3 weeks late, I callled and they told me it was too late and I was out of luck.

CompUSA is running a SCAM. Rebates are used to advertise low prices.

Marion says:


I am just exausted dealing with a $100 Staples Rebate for a Sony Flat screen. I have faxed people, sent emails, phoned both Canada and USA, called the store. They keep saying I do not have proper numbers. To make matters worse in Montreal they have printed upc label with a French date. I just don’t what I will have to do to get the $100.

I truly feel it is a scam and we simply must do something about it.

It boggles my mind why they just don’t give us the $100 at the cash, maybe a song and dance, a wink but hey give me the CASH.

wdg100z says:

TTP's for Rebates

Some helpful hints on rebates:

1. make copies of everything to include the copy of how all the documentation was stapled together.

2. determine your minimum for sending in a rebate and count in the cost of about 2.00 for certified mail. Don’t need return receipt as you can check online.

3. print out copy of when rebate was received.

Susan says:

Comp USA is a scam. I mailed my rebate in 4 days after I bought a tv since the rebate site wasnt working online. I called a month later to check on when I’d get it and they said it’s not in here, too bad. They were like a brick wall and didnt care if I did everything right and neither did the store care either. I wont shop there again.

Phil says:

CompUSA Rebate Scam

They refused to pay $200 rebate on laptop purchase after I send it in by US postal mail on 04/10/2006. I follwowed up after not finding the rebate entry on erebates.compusa.com web site for several weeks and was told each week to check back in several days AND not to re-submit the request by mail or via erebates.compusa.com again or all entries will be voided. When I called back again on 04/25/2006, I was told the submission deadline was 04/22/2006. The retail store’s Customer Service manager, erebates’s Customer Service manager, and CompUSA Headquarters all told me to forget it… There is nothing I can do to get that $200 rebate.

CompUSA will give you the runaround until the rebate submission deadline date … and then dare you to try getting your rebate $$$ back. I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB, and a few others to make sure people know about CompUSA’s scam..

Chad Anderson says:


I also sent my rebate in 1 day after I had bought my 250 gb hard drive. I sent this rebate in on 3/3/06 and today is 7/5/06 almost 4 months now. I called erebates and asked them when it would be here they told me it was in the mail and if they wanted me to canel it than it would take another 4 to 8 weeks. It never came and they told me they cancelled the check and resent another check this was one month ago. I will never purchase anything from this company again, I will go elsewhere. If anyone is planning a lawsuit against compusa I will do everything I can to have them expelled from rebates period. I’m sickened by this decieving company and I hope they don’t last long.

Vern M says:


I submitted a claim for a $20 rebate for a VisionTek Video Card bought at CompUSA in July. After waiting until August w/out hearing anything back from them I Emailed RebateHQ.com for info about the rebate request I sent them. They sent me back information for a rebate from Dell which I never submitted, a week later on their web page it showed the Dell rebate DENIED. I again Emailed them telling them about the wrong info they had, and have yet to receive anything back, I also Emailed CompUSA and was told told it was a manufacturer rebate, contact them. I will contact them and then turn it over to my States Attorney General consumer affairs div.

Alex R. says:



I submitted a claim for a $20 rebate for one of those “Free After Rebate” software packages they frequently offer. After many months and repeated re-submissions and several phone calls, they always ended with the same result: “We will have someone look into it”.

I never got the rebate, and I am tired of resubmitting and calling the rebate company: Parago.

Jesse says:


I keep geting the “check is in the mail ” crap. BEWARE!!!

Your rebates were requested on 06/20/06 totaling $60.00.
Check # 837572 dated 07/20/06 has been mailed to you.
Rebate Amount Status
AcomData E5 160GB Hard Drive 7200RPM, External, US $60.00 Yes Details…

An Adjustment Check (Void/Reissue ) for $60.00 was requested on 09/08/06.
Check # 837572 dated 07/20/06 has been mailed to you

Gary says:


I opened up and read the rebate paper and immediately think it is a scam. They won’t send the rebate to a p.o. box even though they took my credit card with a p.o. box billing address. Then I read where they void it all if you mail and email them. If you pass the point of 3 weeks before sending in request it is denied but they say they take 12 weeks to send it out. Scam alert in operation. They were supposed to give me 20% off my bill and didn’t and when I mentioned it the salesman took another thirty minutes to run my papers again and still copped me for 12% of promised discount. I will know next time. Happy hunting for the lost rebates but you’ll be better off chasing a rainbow. I was at the cashiers desk with the salesman for over an hour and still got ripped. Shame on me this time.

D Hill says:

CompUSA rebate not paid

I purchased a Hi-Val 16x DVD writer from CompUSA it had a $25.00 rebate on it.
I have been waiting over 4 months now and have spent the last month trying to find out what is going on. I have been getting the runaround and I’m sure I’m not going to get my money.
One problem with the rebate was I only had three days in which to mail the rebate in, which seems way to short a time.
Also it had a 12 week waiting period which seems like way too long, it shouldn’t take 3 months to process a rebate claim.
My rebate also was printed on my sales recept which also seems like it should have been seperate so you would still have an original as proof you had the rebate to begin with.
I made image caps of the recept and upc code etc.
But I’m sure they are useless; as it does seem this was a scam from the start, with the realy short mailing time, the rebate printed on the recept and the extreamly long 12 week wait time for “processing”, seems That CompUSA was going out of its way to make sure that you could not get the rebate.
Most people would not get the rebate mailed in three days.
then they would not have a recept since the form was printed on the recept and you had to use the original.
And then with 12 weeks wait most people would forget they were even suposed to get a rebate.

Janine says:

CompUSA - transaction # limited to 4 digits

Adding more fuel against CompUSA and their “eRebate” …. my tranaction number is 5 digits and they only allow 4 digits to be entered on their rebate submission page. Now my rebate is being “rejected” and I’m being told I have to submit it via the mail. After reading the complaints about having submissions both ways will “invalidate” my rebate claim, looks like I’m stuck with losing out on my $10, which is the main reason I bought the item in the first place since it basically brings the cost to nothing.

I’m going back to the store to complain so the manager is aware of this flaw – seems poor programming tactics on their end and poor customer relations making them live up to their bad reputation.

Jen says:

Re: CompUSA - transaction # limited to 4 digits

Just food for thought, CompUSA transaction numbers ARE only 4 digits. There’s the date, the time, 4 digits for store number, 2 digits for register number, 4 digits for transaction number, and 6 digits for employee number. Not sure where you’re getting your transaction number, but it’s wrong.

rocky says:

comp usa

i had a real horror problem with them in florida,i have
not been able to find out who is pres? address?
also my findings show they are owned by good guys

how they stay in business is beyond me, but they
surely do their best to conceal their identy. any help?? ps i see i am not alone, i will in the future
research these sites befor doing business.
tks rocky

Sleepless in SF says:

It's Just Bizness....

Don’t get too upset — CompUSA isn’t doing anything that’s not accepted practice in American business. We have “business-friendly” legislators that we ourselves elected. They make the consumer protection laws and, more importantly, appoint the people who run the agencies that are supposed to enforce the laws but don’t. CompUSA is in business to make money for its executives, and if that means stepping over the line for additional revenues, it’s all good to them as long as they don’t get prosecuted (or if they do get prosecuted, as long as the legal costs are less than the gains).
Personally, I’m unhappy this evening because CompUSA (in league with PNY, through Parago, Inc.) scammed me out of what should have been a legitimate $30 rebate on computer memory bought last month at CompUSA. I buy a lot of stuff and I’m rigorous about claiming my rebates; this the first time CompUSA has done this to me. It’s also the very last time I’ll ever buy anything from them, no matter how good a deal, rebate or no. It’s a matter of principle. Fool me once, shame on them; you know the rest.
Meanwhile, I’ll do the only thing I can to make my particular instance of fraud unprofitable for them, and each of you should too. Call them (both CompUSA and Parago). Call them again. Call them again. And again, even though you know it’s hopeless. Keep them on the line. Their employee time costs them money. Doesn’t take too many 800-number calls to run up enough expense that they lose more than they gained from scamming you.

Robert says:

CompUSA is in violation of contract law

I purchased a product specifically because it offered a double rebate shown on their website. To make sure, I used online support to verify the double rebate and was assured both were valid and would be honored. So I purchased the product (software), and they delivered it. After it was delivered, I get an email stating the website was a mistake and only one rebate would be honored and they gave me a URL that stated they had the right to change the terms of the purchase “before it ships”. Of course they shipped it to me and I had received it before they emailed me telling me they were “cancelling” the rebate. Numerous emails to them have not resulted in them honoring the sales contract (the receipt which clearly shows two rebates). Not only have they been dishonest in not fulfilling their sales contract, they have shown contempt towards me and the entire concept of honesty in business. I will continue to pursue this matter as a matter of principal. In addition to that, I will never purchase any product there again. They are liers.

J. Owens says:


Staples, Hamilton, Oh advertised Rebate Offer Number 2016097 to purchase a HP Laser Jet 3390 10-8-06 through 11-4-06 and receive $350.
back. We did so and have a copy of the receipt. The rebate was properly submitted through the mail as the “easy rebate” online would not work. Fortunately, we kept a copy of the completed rebate form. Approximately 5 weeks later, I checked on this rebate. Initially, we called the Staples number and subsequently received three numbers
to call starting with: Staples–1-877-266-6483; the representative there told me that Verizon at 1-888-826-4932 was handling the rebates. I spoke to a supervisor there who said that was not true at all. I
then called Staples again and was given the HP number of 888-385-5410 and spoke with KIM ID #4745. (In checking with the HP site concerning
our rebate, the automated form that HP has on their site that there is a problem with our submission. It does not say what the problem is. This is when the telephone contact was finally made and Kim ID #4745 stated that the printer was not purchased in the right time frame. I explained to her that it was the correct time frame and and that I had a receipt to prove it. Her next excuse was that our
rebate offer number was different from the one she had on file.. I then explained that I had kept a copy of the completed mailed rebate formand that the offer number was printed on this form and that I could send her a copy of this. She said she would need “a couple of weeks to work on this.” I also received several e-mails in response to my inquiries
at Staples. This e-mails made contradictory statements and basically ignored my information and then asked that for the same information
that I already submitted. I was also told that
this was a mail-in rebate program and to mail it in–this was requested even though I had already explained all the previous circumstances and that it had been mailed and denied. I was also told that an “outside fulfillment” company was handling these rebates requests and to contact the phone number printed on the redemption form–there is no phone number on this. One excuse after another. I have filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney
General’s Office.

Marian Podlovsky says:

HP rebate scam

Amazing how many are taken to the cleaners by the promises of rebates that never materialize. Like anything else, unless you are personally burned, you won’t believe it. My story is one of a $100 rebate offered by HP for a printer I bought at Staples ( in Canada ). Had to resend the docs twice and fax them once. Still nothing. Contacted M.Hurd, CEO of HP and was promised accelerated action, nothing happened. Had Staples intervene, still nothing.
I don’t intend to give in.
I would suggest a class action against the store who sells the product as without the store’s presentation we would not be complaining here. Also, few realize that the rebates are not handled by the manufacturer but by a third party contractor whose aim is to pay as few as possible, more money in his pocket. HP’s rebates are handled by Young America.
Overall it a scam. We should be vocal and not buy HP products.

Anonymous Coward says:


I purchased a computer from these sleezeballs on November 17, 2006,m and filed for my $150 rebate request the following day.

Checking the online rebate site, I was informed that my check went out on December 27th. Yeah, of course, sure, “your check’s in the mail.”

Now it’s January 22nd, 2007, and guess what? Can you believe it? No check (How come you’re not surprised?).

So I did the smart thing: I CHARGED-BACK $150.00 from my MasterCard. That’s why you should ALWAYS pay be credit card.

P.S. Stay away from CompUSA. They are RUDE (they must pay their workers minimum wage), and you’ll wait and wait for service from salespeople whose previous job was probably burger-flipping.

Lingaraj says:

COMP USA and office depot

worst companies and won’t give your rebate money till we die. I doubt I will recieve even after death. worst company and worst service. I have lot of bad experience with these companies. I brought items during thanks giving. I don’t know who is giving thanks to whom here. customer or company! DON’T buy products from these companies.

Timothy says:

COMPUSA once again didn't honor its rebate


I bought a mp3 player during Christmas 2006 and had a $20 mail in rebate.

With all my bad past experience with CompUSA rebate, I went to USPS and sent in the rebate via registered post.

After many weeks of waiting, I decided to enquire about my rebate. The person told me that they never recieved my rebate even though I have proof of delivery confirmation from post office.

So I email to them this time with all my rebate, but they refused to honor it with the bogus reason “Deal to security reason, we can’t open email attachment.”

So I went to WinCo and faxed to them all my rebate again and also my USPS proof of delievery.

I enquired about my fax a few days later, they still claim that there was no fax.

It is hard to believe that a multi-million dollar company will scam over consumer for $20 bucks.

We live in America and have one of the best justy system in the world, how can they get away with such scam.

I wish the law maker will do something about all these rebate scam.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Rainer says:

Compusa. Power to the people. Report them.

I also got scammed out of $20 rebate. Supposedly never received it, how convenient for them.

They refused any action after that, didn’t even consider me resubmitting via mail or fax.

Report them to the Better business bureau, your Attorney General. I am going to send my complaint tomorrow. At this point it is not money but principal. Those companies need to be held accountable. I read that there was a settlement between FTC and Compusa in 2005. I guess they don’t want to learn. Show them that this is not an accepted practice.

DON”T BUY ANYTTHING FROM COMPUSA, with or without rebate. They listen only to numbers, lets see what happens if sales number fall.

COLEMAN KNOX (user link) says:



Noah Moore (profile) says:

Bogus CompUSA Rebates

CompUSA is still up to the same old thing. My purchase was on 3/23/06 for $178.98 with an expected rebate of $30.00. I meticulously completed the rebate form and mailed it on 4/6/06. By 12/26/06, not having received the rebate, I phone them and was given a “resubmit address.” By 3/1/07, still not having received the rebate, I called again and was told the rebate period had expired and there was no further rebate due to me.

Anonymous Coward says:

Better luck with Best Buy

CompUSA screwed me out of an $80 rebate.
When I phoned the rebate center, they claimed that the store (where I got the rebate receipt from by the way) was not participating in the rebate.
I was actually amazed that the operator could say that with a straight face.
When I returned to the store to complain, they insisted that they were participating in the rebate, but they refused to return my money anyway.
Nice scam.

I think Best Buy has stopped giving out rebates due to customer complaints. But even when they were giving them out, I always got my money from them. Every cent.
One particular store even gave me my rebate at the register, and they said that they fill out all rebate forms for their customers to ensure they are processed.
I know some people have probably gotten screwed by Best Buy. But they are ok in my book.

Charles Rescigno says:

Bogus Rebates

It’s time to start fighting back and let these companies know that the practice is unacceptable. I continually had rebate problems with PC Mall and most recently with ECost. Of course they both cop out and say we are not responsible……very true, they are irresponsible and dishonest. Just stop buying from these type companies. Eventually they will feel it. And never buy an item based on a rebate, never!

Charles Rescigno says:

Bogus Rebates

It’s time to start fighting back and let these companies know that the practice is unacceptable. I continually had rebate problems with PC Mall and most recently with ECost. Of course they both cop out and say we are not responsible……very true, they are irresponsible and dishonest. Just stop buying from these type companies. Eventually they will feel it. And never buy an item based on a rebate, never!

mike says:

rebate.com wont pay

I purchased a laptop on june of 2006 from Tiger Direct. I sent in 4 rebates worth 160 dollars. I have called them every month since last July and they always tell me I was approved for my rebates and they will send them out soon, they just need my address again… Then – EVERY SINGLE TIME the person answering the phone tells me their computer has frozen up. Tiger direct is for suckers!

Al Cloutier says:

CompUSA rebate scam

I have been calling and calling the compUSA in Honolulu where I bought a laptop HP Pavillion. I keep getting the royal run around. Today they said that my credit card had been refunded for the amount last week. I just checked my account activity and guess what? no refund. Think I’m just gonna have to go see them in person. Maybe I will bring my Louis Ville Slugger. It’s enough to drive a person crazy.

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