Too Many VoIP And Mobile Data Outages

from the something-going-on? dept

While it’s likely that it’s all just a big coincidence, there have been an awful lot of “major” outages among VoIP and mobile data providers over the last four days. Occasional outages do happen, but it just seems like there are a few too many all happening at once. It started with Vonage on Friday, followed by Lingo and then AT&T CallVantage. In the mobile data space, there was the massive T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger Hiptop outage that left many Sidekick users without data services for three days. To top it all off, many users discovered that Nextel’s data services were completely knocked out during the day on Tuesday. Outages certainly do happen, but all of these were fairly major outages, impacting many, many users, all in a very short time span. Is there something bigger happening, or is it all just one big coincidence?

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