Nokia Swears By Mobile Broadcast TV

Just as more and more people are realizing that mobile broadcast TV really isn’t that compelling, along comes someone at Nokia claiming that they believe regular broadcast TV is going to be a big winner. While the guy in question is in charge of their digital broadcasting group, so you expect him to be a bit biased, it’s still bizarre that he really believes that simply shifting broadcast TV to mobiles is the best strategy: “The model that we anticipate is going to work best is straight broadcast television.” He doesn’t believe they’re as interested in shorter bits of content. Or content where they can control when they watch it (stored content). Or content that’s created by others. Nope. Just take a TV and put it on a mobile phone. This seems backwards. No killer app has just been about taking something that exists in one medium and moving it to another. It’s always about what new thing that new medium lets you do.

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