Newspaper Man Recognizes The Ground Is Shifting

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There have been a lot of stories lately about people in industries threatened by new technologies who are reacting by either denying the shifting landscape or by trying to hold back the tide. However, more and more people are catching on to the fact that it’s time for many companies to recognize their existing business models are becoming obsolete. The head of the Austrian newspaper publishers association is saying that “the biggest ‘content generators’ in the future will not be media companies, but their former readers.” So, now the question is, as a newspaper, what do you do about it? If you want to protect your existing way of doing business, you fight against it, and your “former readers” will very quickly go elsewhere. However, if you recognize that this is where things are going to go — with or without you — you start to look for ways to help your readers in spreading your content and adding to it to make it better, more customized and more useful to others.

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Comments on “Newspaper Man Recognizes The Ground Is Shifting”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Doesn't mean they're right

Just because most people believe something to be true, does not make it true. If there have been complaints about the declining quality of journalism in recent years, I would say it’s because the media has been stooping to the level of the common man, and taking liberties with journalistic integrity.

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