It's Not A Glitch, It's A Problem

from the taking-things-more-seriously dept

While it is just a question of semantics, someone is complaining that we should stop calling computer breakdowns “glitches,” as if it implies something minor happened. Instead, we should recognize that these “glitches” are usually major problems than can often seriously impact many people. It’s not clear that it really matters what people call it, but it certainly does seem true that many companies don’t take computer “glitches” seriously.

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Comments on “It's Not A Glitch, It's A Problem”

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Beekers says:


I agree, while most people are more informed on the workings of a computer and the idiosycrancies, I, peronally find any glitch a major problem. Companys need to realize that the more people that have access to the net are going to be like I am, learning. Comapanys make us feel like we shouldn’t even be allowed on the net unless we are programers most of the time and that any questions are just not worth the time to answer.

a software guy says:


That article is full of disingenious waffle. Peter Thomson doesn’t know what he is talking about and is obviously more interested in pushing his own company, than solving real problems.

A glitch is a problem with a function which doesn’t stop you from achieving the ultimate outcome. It’s like a keyboard shortcut not working, but you can still use a menu option.

Try as I might I just can’t consider an annoying bug on the same level of importance as a plane crashing, a nuclear meltdown or a collapsing bridge.

Frankly, I’m tired of assholes beating up on software developers. Software is vastly more complex than most people appreciate. If you want to engineer a application that 99.9% bug free then be prepared to cough up several orders of magnitude more money and wait several years longer than otherwise. In the real world, people aren’t prepared to do that.

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