Local Telco Pays Fine For Blocking Vonage

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While some continue to worry about telcos harming independent VoIP providers, it looks like the FCC decided to take some action against the rural telcos blocking Vonage. It turns out that the telco in question was in North Carolina. The company has agreed to pay a $15,000 fine and agree not to block VoIP for 30 months. First of all, while it’s nice to see a quick resolution, it’s still not clear whether or not this telco actually violated any laws. The FCC still hasn’t done anything about network neutrality — so what did this telco actually violate? Second, assuming they did violate some rule, $15,000 certainly seems like a slap on the wrist. Finally, why ban them from blocking for only 30 months? If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. What happens 30 months from now when they start blocking again?

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Comments on “Local Telco Pays Fine For Blocking Vonage”

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Nate says:

No Subject Given

Still think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Vonage (as well as the other parasitic VoIP offerings) fights tooth and nail to keep from being regulated as a phone company and then turn around and complain when someone blocks an IP port. Last time I checked IP was DATA, not VOICE. Madison was not blocking any voice phone calls at all, just particular data traffic on their own data network.

Something about cake being eaten comes to mind

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