TV Adman Says TV Ads Are Killing TV

from the recognizing-you-have-a-problem-is-the-first-step dept

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Steve Rubel points out that the CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, Bob Liodice, has written to his own blog admitting that TV advertising is killing TV. Actually, what he means is that bad advertising is killing TV. For too long, advertisers have failed to realize that captive audience advertising is dying, and any successful advertisement now needs to be interesting or entertaining by itself. Simply being intrusive doesn’t do anything — other than make people go somewhere else. “How many more commercials are we going to jam into the pod? Aren’t we inviting consumers to run out of the room or hit the remote every time they get a whiff that a commercial is coming? Haven’t we provided enough rationale for the DVR industry?” Meanwhile, more people than ever are clamoring to just watch the ads at the Superbowl. Certainly seems like there’s a pretty big disconnect here. Commercials can work, but they have to be viewed as good content in their own right.

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Comments on “TV Adman Says TV Ads Are Killing TV”

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Jared (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Bingo. I don’t even subscribe to cable, but I do keep getting ads in the mail that I need to for some reason or another. Yeah, there’s a few shows that I think would be nice to watch every now and then, or a few channels that are sometimes worthwhile. But, mostly it’s a waste of money and time, plus I can’t make my own “plan” of channels that I would only want w/o a waste of other crap channels. Besides, DVDs work very well, and it’s a one time payment for them. Plus books educate more.

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