ChoicePoint Sold Info To Scammers In The Past Without Disclosing

from the live-and-don't-learn... dept

Since ChoicePoint has been getting tons of attention for handing out personal info to a bunch of scammers without actually checking their backgrounds, the company has been pleading with the public that they’ve learned their lesson and will be changing their policies. However, the news is coming out today that ChoicePoint was caught doing the exact same thing a few years ago — leading to a number of identity theft problems. Apparently ChoicePoint didn’t learn their lesson that time. The difference between then and now? California’s law forced ChoicePoint to reveal how they screwed up — leading to all of this media attention. When it happened in 2002, no one found out about it. If you were at risk, even though you did nothing at all to put yourself there, it was your own problem to discover it. Either way, it seems like those whose info got out this time can make a pretty credible case that ChoicePoint should have been better prepared for this sort of scam after it had already happened to them before.

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