Apple Investigated For Price Difference In Europe

from the it's-all-marketing... dept

The EU is investigating how Apple is pricing iTunes downloads. They’re apparently upset that downloaders in the UK are paying noticeably more than downloaders in France and Germany. This has something to do with exchange rates, of course, and the fact that the UK still prefers not to use the Euro. However, another interpretation may simply be the psychological and marketing issues associated with pricing. That is, it almost seems like Apple is choosing prices based on what looks/sounds good, rather than what’s the actual best price.

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Comments on “Apple Investigated For Price Difference In Europe”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

You are assuming the Eurocrats support free markets, when it is clear that they don’t.

I paid $9 for my last movie ticket. Some old guy paid $6 for his and $6 for his grandchild. This is price discrimination in the same country for the same service at the same location. I don’t see anyone getting their noses out of joint over this one.

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