Yahoo Catching Up To Google By Offering An Open API Is Big News?

from the that's-it? dept

There was some talk that Yahoo was supposedly going to announce something big on Tuesday to celebrate its ten year anniversary. However, the news coming out so far doesn’t seem very big at all. Yahoo is going to announce that they’re offering up an API for web services, so developers can build apps off of Yahoo. While it’s nice, Google did this three years ago (and plenty of other search engines have done it in the past as well). Also, it sounds like (similar to Google’s API), developers will be somewhat limited in what they can do with it. It’s not exactly taking the next steps Charles Ferguson suggested search engines need to take to become the platform for the next generation of web applications. Other than that, the company is retiring the Overture name, which isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe there’s something more coming, but this initial leak certainly isn’t anything too exciting. Update: Now I’m being told that the “big” announcement is supposed to come March 2nd, not 1st.

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