Reuters: Cell Phone Makers Differentiate By Either Style or Technology

An article off Reuters posits that after many years of competing in the same directions, wireless device vendors are now choosing either to compete on differentiation in style, or in technology advancements. Reuters seems to suggest that the EU set are now more focused on design – a claim which seems to be borne out by brands like Vertu – while the Asian makers are still focused on technology such as better screens, sound, and smaller handsets. I think the whole Reuters argument is bunk. Ask Nokia if it agrees that it is not competing on technology, and see if Samsung things that technology is more important than design. No way. All of the major vendors are competing aggressively on both of these fronts. The story does, however, correctly point out that currently, the Asians are technology leaders, and that lead is winning them business in Europe. I agree, but I add that they are no slouches when it comes to style: clamshell phones are a winning form-factor, and clean, simple UIs are more of a design element than a technology element.

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