Fresh Off Muni WiFi Astroturf, How About A BPL Astroturf?

from the I've-heard-of-these-guys-before... dept

Remember the New Millennium Research Council? Those were the guys who came out with a paid-in-full report trashing muni broadband without revealing who was paying for such a report. The report even opened by taking a quote from a Techdirt analyst completely out of context. Broadband Reports has noticed that the folks at NMRC are back with a new report, this time hyping up the wonders of broadband over powerlines (BPL), despite the fact that nearly every BPL trial has ended in failure. This is a technology that has been hyped up for years (I remember in 1997 being told that it was “just around the corner) — and yet still hasn’t made the slightest dent. Of course, if the same folks who paid for the anti-muni astroturf are looking to show that there’s “real competition” in the broadband space, a story about the rise of BPL might be convenient, right?

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