Cameraphones, Blogs And Search Engines Build Our Own Egos?

from the uh.--ok. dept

In what sounds like another fear mongering story that quotes a bunch of “experts” who all (surprise, surprise) appear to have books to promote, we’re told that new technologies like cameraphones, blogs and search engines are letting our inner narcissist out. In each case, the technology is apparently only there to help someone focus on the most important person in his or her life: himself or herself. While you may have been using these tools to be social, to share memories, to learn, or to connect with others, apparently, it’s really just magnifying your ability to promote yourself. Of course, none of the “experts” give any proof, other than a few anecdotal examples. The end of the article then takes a total 90 degree turn to talk about some dictator who’s very narcissistic (what dictator isn’t?) — though, there’s no reason to think this particular dictator became so narcissistic thanks to cameraphones, his blog or ego surfing on search engines.

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