Buy Up All Newspapers To Hide An Issue… Get Much More Attention

from the good-work dept

We’ve joked in the past about Streisand Effect, where someone tries to suppress something online, and the act of suppressing it makes what otherwise would have been ignored a much bigger story with a much bigger audience. Apparently, it doesn’t only have to be online. Romenesko points out that a man who busted for drugs tried to buy up all the copies of a local weekly paper that had the story on the front page. He spent hundreds of dollars and filled his garage with copies of the paper. What did he get for his troubles besides a lighter wallet, a potential jail sentence and a garage full of newspapers? Not much, apparently. Not only did the newspaper company print more copies of the paper to get them on newsstands, a much larger newspaper picked up the story and wrote all about it. What’s amazing, is that the guy gave an interview for this article. So, he wants to prevent the press from covering the drug bust, but has no problem with the press covering his attempt to cover up press coverage of the drug bust?

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