Phones As Fashion Accessories

from the put-a-little-bling-in-your-ring dept

Maybe the fight over the word bling as it relates to mobile phones isn’t so strange. While not a new idea at all, It appears that many mobile phone buyers are more interested in their phone as a fashion accessory than a communications tool. That means, they care a lot more about it’s “bling” quotient, than its features. Still, it has to be done right — and having a tech brand on the front of the phone just doesn’t do it for some. While both Siemens and Nokia have experimented with higher end phones, the article suggests that people would simply prefer a phone with a famous designer’s brand name slapped on it instead. Amusingly, the article also notes that the practice of moving a mobile phone from your ear (listening) to your mouth (talking) is seen as a fashion trend, which should clear up the confusion some of us less-than-fashionable types had over this trend. Update As if on cue… more stories about designers’ names on mobile phones.

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