Video Games And Hollywood… A Trial Separation

from the not-so-hot-after-all dept

A couple years ago, tying video games to movies was all the rage. Deals to buy up the rights to create a video game based on a (hopefully) hot movie were going for millions of dollars. However, last year, we noted that many were starting to realize that a good movies doesn’t mean a good video game, and even movies with big followings don’t necessarily generate sales in corresponding video games. It seems that this trend has continued and the whole concept of video games based on movies is losing steam. Licensing deals are going for a fraction of what they once did. Gaming companies don’t want to take the risk, noting that the tie-in isn’t as strong as they had hoped, and since a video game takes longer to produce than a movie, they often need to rush to get it out on time — or bring it to market way too late to capture any of the movie related buzz. Basically, it appears that people are realizing that video games and movies are two very different things — and bringing them together doesn’t always make much sense.

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Comments on “Video Games And Hollywood… A Trial Separation”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Movies based on Games suck, too!

Watch out for movies based on anime, and vice versa (although it’s not “anime”, but rather bad American directed rip-offs). That seems to be the new hotness for ’04-’06. The first anime-style movie tie-ins have already started to appear with last year’s Riddick and Van Helsing direct to video animation, two releases that NOBODY wanted to see. Next, and I hope it goes well, are the hollywood remakes of anime classics such as “Evangelion”, “Battle Angel”, “DBZ”, etc. We should start to see these in the summer of ’06. Although it’s an easier conversion than video gamesmovies, it still has many of the same pitfalls, and many of the same hack writers/directors/actors behind it. Beware!

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