Phishing By 419

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Scammers looking for the latest trick in finding suckers have figured that two scams must be better than one, and have tried combining a phishing scam with a “advance fee” 419 scam. Basically, the scam involves an email sent to users saying that a large sum of money has been deposited in a bank, and gives them the login info (similar to a 419 scam). However, it’s done at a fake bank website (like a phishing scam). Then, they ask for the user’s real bank account info in order to transfer the loot, and the scammers go to town with the real bank account info.

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Comments on “Phishing By 419”

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Happy Jack says:

Phishing by 419

I never bother opening these things, but I assume the three different offers of vast amounts of money waiting in my in box this morning were examples of this scam. How a recipient could possibly think that anyone (let alone three “different” people) is just dying to offload a small fortune on them is beyond comprehension…

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