How Many Subscriptions Do You Have?

from the too-many dept

Now that everything seems to be going towards subscription pricing, some are beginning to wonder what services are going to lose out. ? Steve Outing lists out a bunch of different potential subscriptions (hardly comprehensive) and says that the regular newspaper is one that many are likely to drop. ?I’d say it’s more likely (especially among younger users) that the newspaper got dropped a long time ago. ?Our recent poll certainly suggests many have moved on from newspapers. ?But, still, how many “monthly” service fees are you paying for right now? ?On Outing’s list it’s: “mobile-phone accounts for multiple family members; cell-phone mapping service; phone voicemail; Internet IP long-distance service; cable TV account; premium cable channels (HBO, et al); TiVo subscription; car DVD-navigation system subscription; fax service; DVD subscription (Netflix, et al); digital-music subscription; and a dozen other digital-media services that I’m overlooking.” ?Is it any wonder that some service providers are realizing the wonders of bundling — since it makes it less likely that a user will abandon the service completely.

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