Getting Quoted In The Wrong Places

There’s been a log of flack in the blogoshpere regarding the Heartland Institute’s misguided and biased report decrying municipal WiFi. Mike discussed it last week, and linked to Glenn Fleishman’s deconstruction of the Heartland Institute report. But I just learned that I was prominently quoted in that report! For sure, I have my doubts about municipal Wifi, which Techdirt readers may have read. But even though I would consider myself a skeptic on Muni WiFi, I definitely am not in a class with the authors: For one, I didn’t make a dime on my opinion! I also disagree with vast sections and arguments in the Heartland report. They did not ask if they could quote me, and I’ve never communicated with any of them. What’s wrong with the Heartland report? Just read Glenn’s review!

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