3GSM Wrap-Up: Mobile Navigation

There were lots of demonstrations of live, graphical, turn-by-turn navigation solutions for mobile devices. Its interesting to me that it seems like the US is focused more on in-car systems either built-in or aftermarket, where the EU seems to have much more availability of handset based devices. This is probably linked to the wider availability of Bluetooth here that can link a phone to a GPS unit. yet in the US, many CDMA phones have GPS built-in. But despite lots of great solutions on the show floor, market take-up of handheld navigation is very low on either side of the pond.

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Comments on “3GSM Wrap-Up: Mobile Navigation”

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Mike Michie says:

mobile navigation

The other possible reason for the disparity between NA in car navigation and European handset based has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with culture. NA is a personal car based culture and Europe is more pedestrian/mass transit based. Proving again that the mass population is more interested in how it can be used and less in how cool the technology is.

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