States Reject Red Light Cameras

from the bye-bye dept

Bob Dole writes “With all the recent bad news (like this and this) about red light cameras, it’s nice to know that someone is paying attention. Nineteen cities will likely be forced to terminate their camera programs by year’s end following recent losses in state legislatures and courts. Texas, Utah and Virginia voted down bills that would have allowed the camera use to grow or continue. North Carolina courts essentially robbed the profit motive from eleven cities by directing all camera profits to the state school system. Finally, a California judge put a $250,000 hurt on Costa Mesa’s camera program, giving troublemakers a model to attack other California cities. Not a good time to invest in camera stocks. “

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Comments on “States Reject Red Light Cameras”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Time to wrap it up with a bow

You know, you’re pretty big on this speed trap/camera thing, considering this is a tech site. Perhaps it’s time (again?) to wrap this into a concept, like ‘the downward trend of these mirrors the eventual collapse of the DRM system for files’, or ‘Ultimately, US society is still the wild west tempered by self checks, self interests, and self management. The tech world demonstrates that as well…’, or ‘1984 was a long time ago, and was rejected here, and here, and here (examples) and it’s time for law enforcement, the MPAA, and Homeland Security to figure it out (more examples).’ Time to put a bow on it and link it to other things.

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