Blurring The Toy-Gadget Barrier

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For years, people have joked that gadgets are basically just toys for grown ups. Plenty of gadget-crazed folks would certainly agree to that assessment. However, it looks like things are moving in the other direction as well, and kids are looking at gadgets as toys for kids — even to the point that they prefer them over actually toys. However, the various toymakers are trying to come up with toy-ified gadgets this year to get around this issue. This includes things like walkie-talkies that look and act like mobile phones to the “Blueberry” device, which is basically a Blackberry for kids (and not, apparently, made by RIM, so it appears to be begging for a lawsuit). Next thing you know this American International Toy Fair will need to merge with CES.

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Comments on “Blurring The Toy-Gadget Barrier”

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1 Comment
Duane (user link) says:

Hand me downs do just fine...

Right now my 2.5yr old daughter’s collection of gadgets includes:
* Thinkpad T20 with no battery (plugged into wall forever and always) running Linux connected directly to SesameWorkshop for flash Elmo games.
* Pogo 128Meg MP3 player loaded up with “Songs from the STreet”, a 3cd set from Sesame Street. I have an iPod now and was not using this player.
* One flashlight, which isn’t really a gadget to us, but she likes taking the batteries out and putting them back in in various combinations to see if it still works.
* My cellphone, whenever I am not using it. She calls Cinderella.

I am not about to go buying her a special MP3 player for kids only just because it’s pink. She’s got plenty of my old junk to play with.

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