GoDaddy Leverages The Streisand Effect For All It's Worth

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The Streisand Effect is what happens when someone decides they want to ban or censor something, and that very attempt to make something goes away, makes it much, much bigger than ever before. In the past, we’ve had plenty of stories about companies who misunderstand this to their own detriment. However, it appears that at least one company (and possibly a few more) understand it fully. Witness the ridiculous amount of attention GoDaddy is receiving for having their second Super Bowl spot canceled by a concerned NFL, even though the same exact ad had already been shown. GoDaddy’s CEO immediately blogged about how the ad was pulled at the last second, and now the company is getting much more publicity than they could have possibly expected from the $2.4 million ad buy. We did note, a few months ago, that the FCC’s crackdown on what they viewed as “indecency” would be used by marketers as an advertising tool and this is just the latest example. Ah, yes, the laws of unintended consequences at work.

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Comments on “GoDaddy Leverages The Streisand Effect For All It's Worth”

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Hiawatha Bray (user link) says:

Unimportant consequences

So GoDaddy got more publicity because the second ad got pulled. This is put forward as if it undercuts the purpose of pulling the ad. Of course it doesn’t. If the network wanted to avoid offending some viewers, it did so, however imperfectly. (It ran the first time, remember.) But if GoDaddy got more customers as a result of the ad being pulled, I doubt those who’d oppose the ad would care. They don’t object to GoDaddy making money; they object to the ad being shown on TV. So this sounds like a situation in which each side gets what it wants. Another unintended consequence, perhaps.

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