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Bill Gates' Ability To Cure PMS

from the well,-at-least-there's-that... dept

Technology can cure lots of problems, but sometimes not in the way you would expect. Salon is running a somewhat amusing article that I’m sure some guys are trying to figure out if they can forward to their significant others without risking too much damage, about how a woman “cured” her PMS by “scheduling” it into her Microsoft Entourage. She initially scheduled her husband in as well (sort of as a warning), but when that failed to work, she started to realize that the notes from her computer warning her of her own impending mood swings helped her to deal with them. This isn’t all that surprising. Very simple feedback mechanisms can do wonders in helping people change even very deeply set behaviors, but it is still amusing to see how much credit is being given to a simple piece of Microsoft scheduling software.

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Comments on “Bill Gates' Ability To Cure PMS”

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dorpus says:

Womyn Take Back The Night

By the way, I learned last week in genetics class that men can get breast cancer. So do yourselves a favor and fondle your man-boobs in the shower to check for lumps.


How is male breast cancer diagnosed?
Because most cases present with a palpable mass, fine needle aspiration cytology is extremely useful. This is performed in the physician?s office. A fine gauge needle is inserted into the mass and cells drawn out for examination under the microscope (6,17,25). Nipple discharge can be smeared on microscope slides and examined microscopically (13,20).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Womyn Take Back The Night

Dude, wasn’t an episode of OZ devoted to this? You know, the one were O’Reily was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a result was freaking out because in his mind, any sign of weakness (especially in his case, as everyone wanted a piece of him) would result in his death. He ended up pleading with his doctor (who he later fell in love with, killed her husband, and was rejected by) to keep his “chick” disease a secret. If you haven’t seen this great HBO series, please go out and rent it!

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Womyn Take Back The Night

Sounds good, I don’t own a TV, so.

There is another neat party trick I learned — if you measure someone’s blood pressure at their wrist and ankle, then you can deduce the congestion in their arteries by the difference in blood pressure. i.e. a person with congested arteries will have a bigger difference in blood pressure, because the ankle is further from the heart than the wrist.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go to a party, tie people up spread-eagle, and measure their BP on all 4 limbs.

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