Time To Turn Off Your Phone

from the no-seriously... dept

It appears that some people still need a bit of a lesson in when it’s appropriate to turn your mobile phone off. At least in Germany, it appears people have learned that at a public performance (cinema, concert hall), it’s a good idea to shut the phone off — nearly 90% of them claim to do so. However, when asked the same question about leaving their phone on during sex, it turns out that about 54% of Germans are available on their mobile phones while getting it on. Of course, what they should have asked is how many actually will answer the phone? It kind of brings a new meaning to the Shag Phone concept, I guess. Perhaps people leave the phone on because they don’t get those little announcements beforehand, like when they’re at public performances. The study also found that 59% leave the phones on in restaurants, 37% while at work and 34% while driving.

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