Mobile Phones Make You Absolutely Crazy

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What is it about mobile phones that make people absolutely nuts? Last year we wrote about some of the anger brought out when people are told they can’t use their phones, or when they get annoyed at others talking on their phone in settings where they shouldn’t. However, it seems to lead to all sorts of crazy activity as well. In India, a child wanted a mobile phone so badly, he kidnapped himself to get enough “ransom” money from his own father to pay for a phone. As you might imagine, the plan didn’t work very well, as the kid was caught when police installed the oh-so-high-tech “caller ID box” on the family’s home phone to track down where the kid was calling from. The kid obviously should have been using the Nishi trace buster buster buster to avoid detection. Meanwhile, though, that kid seems positively sane compared to the man in Thailand who flipped out at his mobile phone. This man (no, seriously) who goes only by the name “Woot” (stop laughing) fired six shots into his mobile phone, injuring four people when the bullets ricocheted off of the phone. Unfortunately, the article does not list the brand (or final condition) of this apparently bullet proof phone.

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