How To Destroy Google With $100 Million?

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Tom Foremski has come up with what he believes is a huge “vulnerability” in Google’s AdWords business model. The business model works because the clicks on the ads are legitimate. If the clicks aren’t, then the model becomes troublesome — which is why Google and others are so concerned about click fraud and look for ways to stop it. So, Foremski’s “atom bomb” for Google would be if a random billionaire offered $100 million to the first person to click on a specific Google ad — without telling anyone (of course) what ad it is. In other words, this billionaire will have given millions of people the incentive to commit clickfraud — destroying the basis under which the AdWords system works. Advertisers would, in theory, demand their money back or would simply kill their Google ads. It’s an interesting idea, and we all know someone who certainly has $100 million lying around and wants to defeat Google. However, there are some problems with the idea. First, in doing so, whatever random “billionaire” carried out this offering would open him or herself up to a tremendous lawsuit from Google. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the problem goes away the second the first person finds the ad and wins the money. Stability is restored, and the system goes on, until the billionaire decides to play the game again — but that can certainly get expensive fast. While it’s an interesting idea, it’s not clear that Google has much to worry about right now.

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Comments on “How To Destroy Google With $100 Million?”

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Google Boy says:

The REAL way to defeat google...

The REAL way to defeat google is to create a completely open source search engine, based on a distributed computing model.

Sure Google has 100,000 computers worldwide, but how many of us geeks donate our computer cycles towards distributed computing projects such as Folding at Home, or DHE (Distributed Hardware Evolution) ?

The best part is since everyone is a volunteer, there is no need for foolish “click revenue”.

People can donote if they want, or buy memberships that give them bragging rights.

Rich Miller (user link) says:

Would this really target Google?

If the “magic click” were a real AdWords ad, Google could undoubtedly find a way to shut the contest down, since it controls AdWords (and we assume the identity of the $100 million patron is known).
If it’s not an AdWords ad, but just “looks like” one, that would be a threat to the entire text ads universe, rather than just Google. If someone is giving out millions to destroy an enemy, they’d want to know they can effectively target that enemy. Not sure that works with this example, as the attack would have to use the enemy’s own resources.

JollyLeprechaun says:

Re: try this:

the random billionaire can simply buy a bunch of adwords, and choose one “bingo” word at random; the first person to click on this totally unknown (to the public) adword will get a million dollars. WAY better odds than a lottery, and there’s no need to announce a winner as soon as somebody wins 🙂
To keep it honest, the chosen word can be written down and put in trust by a reliable, unbiased and honest third party with no direct interest in the contest. For example, any escrow service can be used. For added destructive mileage, simply repeat the contest every day for 3 months.
That’ll kill Google’s adwords pretty quick, you’d have farms of ad-clickers – almost like Mr. Salt’s factory in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Joe Dirt says:

$100 Million

How do you arrive at that figure? Sounds like wishful thinking. A lousy thousandaire could offer fifty grand and acheive the same result. Or, alternatively, you could simply plot a story that President Bush was a major investor in Google and the same people who scam every MSNBC politics poll would be happy to do the same to Google for free.

Jef Poskanzer says:

What makes you think Google wouldn't welcome this?

Google takes a percentage of the payout, and they don’t specify what the percentage is. If they wanted to, they could make the secret percentage be as high as they like for this one ad, to compensate for lost revenue from the increase in bogus clicks. They could even distribute the money to the other advertisers in the form of lowered costs, to keep them happy.

just a pen says:

just a free pen is needed

Save the hundred million, as others have mentioned. People will click ads for a free pen. Free pen with every hundredth ad click. To keep them interested, give them a blender when they reach 10,000 clicks.

But anyways, the entire PPC ad system is ALREADY overrun with click fraud (50-100%), which is why the only ones who make any money off of it are the ppc engines. It is a dumb idea and should go away. But because the PPC engines (google, etc) do make so much money off their advertisers from click from, they dont really care about it.

Neha says:

Re: just a free pen is needed

I suggest the best way to advertise is that every advertiser analysis the publisher site for relevance, traffic etc and displays a banner ad with a ‘pay-per-month’ charge. That will be the best. Whatever traffic the advertiser gets is his own luck. No one will try to push the clicks. Only the attractiveness of the banner will do it.
It is a pity that no one is doing it. Most publishers also do not seem to care and go for google until they are finished in that.

Don says:

Destroy Google for free

The free way to destroy Google is by getting 60 million internet users to add:

to their HOSTS file.

bakahage says:

How to destroy google with 100million???

You wouldn’t even need to have someone really put up the $100 million dollars.

How many people still answer the email thinking that Bill Gates is going to give them money. If you could get the rumor started that, in conjunction with his new search engine, Bill Gates is paying out $100 milion (or less even to make it realistic) to the first person to click an unspecified link to prove to the world how bad the Google business model is… then people would click it and click it and click it for years.

dorpusy says:

No Subject Given

the real way to defeat google is to add it to the banned list in the fantastic brand new free automatic install m$ spy engine no anti-spy engine.
or maybe just have ie say 404 increasingly for * of course this is just speculation thou drdos keeps coming to mind …. 404 ? how about just frame insert to …

allan (user link) says:

google adwords are shit,google adwords are a rip o

I am writting an operating system called “TheZoid” at

I have no choice but to add this due to nasty search engine which will not advertise my busuiness called google addwords on which wishes to charge very high prices and as an excuse call my website very poor quality. If you manage to find this website as is trying its best to keep it out of its search engine that is unbelivable. I would like to know why google cannot recognize TheZoid as an operating system !!! Please send lots of emails and tell them that shitting on the small man is good business sense. If google wishes me to remove this from my website than advertise my business fairly, at resaonable rates !!!!

Did you know wishes to charge upto five pounds for one Click for the word “Operating System” and many other words, I would like to know what is this Bullshit !!!!
Please show your outrage by boycotting the google search engine !!!!

This message was posted on 15/11/2007 just after I cancelled my google adwords account which will not advertise my business. I will not pay stupid prices for one click for one keyword !!

If you work at and find this fucking offensive then I am fucking hope so and you can go fuck yourselfs. PS keep pissing of the small man, and I hope you go out of business !!!!

Neo Cambell says:

Why do you need to beat Google?

My question is why do people need to destroy Google or Microsoft. Those people were just like us, spend their whole life in-front of computers and they are now rich. I would ask you learn the same and work at least 20 hours a day. It will bring you a billionaire just as Google, Microsoft, etc….. Also what will happen to 1000s coders worldwide working for those companies. They are also humans with day to day needs just as you.

Open source is good, I agree. But 90% open source that I found are junk written by 1000s of people without a central plan. They have written what they want without thinking what other guys have written. I agree, free is good for learning. For business, it is about an investment which a part is reserved for software and technology.

This is my personal idea. I do not work/support/or earn even a penny from these giant companies. I simply doesn’t agree that we need to work on destroying them. We simply have to work by our selves and earn. If you are willing to work, I guarantee the world’s end is far away enough to make you a Billionaire (at least live a luxurious life) in the software field.



Mona says:

More practical idea to destroy google

If all the publishers are banned by google, adsense is destroyed automatically. Google is banning publishers without warning.(This is a stupidity that will destroy them)
I tell you a traffic purchase site named
Each one of you find one publisher and donate $1.99 for the cause (multiples will not be required. This will be enough.)
Purchase 1000 clicks of the ‘click traffic’ for the publisher’s site from (do not buy any other package like visitors traffic or special traffic, you will only benefit the publisher.) Set the click thru rate etc and let it go. The daily-traffic site owners will not verify that it is your site or not for which you have purchased the traffic; they’ll just start delivering the clicks. They promise to distribute the clicks over 15 days but complete all the clicks within a few hours, that too not according to your choice of CTR but I think each of their visitors results in a click. In the next 24 hours your daily-traffic account balance will show:”Clicks ordered 1000….Clicks completed 1007″ (Yes, they do over-deliver too!) They do not claim that they will click on google ads but they certainly do it. They claim that the clicks will be for voting etc. But in reality it is understood that the clicks are for google ads. So when 1000 or 2000 adsense clicks go through without the corresponding number of visitors, the publisher is banned in no time. This is my first hand experience. I have axed my own foot. You can axe others'(or google’s)
Everyone donate $10 and adieu google!

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