How Many People Read Or Buy From Spam?

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While you have to take any of these “how much money does spam cost” estimates with a very large grain of salt, the latest one also includes a bit of other info that’s much more interesting. Apparently 14% of spam recipients read the spam they get, with a total of 4% admitting to buying from spam. We’ve had a number of anecdotal stories about people who buy from spam, but here’s a bit more evidence on the overall numbers. So, now, how do we track down that 4% and whack them with the cluestick? A more cynical person might suggest spamming them, since they obviously read and pay attention to the spam they get.

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Comments on “How Many People Read Or Buy From Spam?”

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Boilerbob says:

Two minutes a day!

Two minutes a day is causing a giant problem?? If everyone only spend 2 minutes, I doubt that we would have all this headlines about spam. Without filtering tools it would take hours, that’s a problem.

I would also like to see a breakout between legitiment companies and the various suspect spams. I’ve bought a lot online over the years so I get a fair amount of commercial emails from retailers like and to name a few. I can live with those. I get 2 or 3 a day and yes sometimes I read those. 2 more emails a day from companies I trust to deliver products from now doesn’t drain my time. It’s like ads in a newspaper, if I want to read them they are there. If I want to read the news, I can ignore the ads.

What I have a problem with is the thousands of refiance, viagra, and porn that I also get. These are the time wasters as I would never read or buy from these. I would like to see a survey based on who buys V!5GR5

thecaptain says:

easy fix...but morally, ethically, and legally tro

Become a spammer yourself, but instead of selling anything, just mimic other spam and change all the links to infect with various machine destroying viruses.

Eventually people WILL learn not to read or click on spam links.

I’m not talking about spyware or viruses that run in the background, I’m talking viruses that focus on knocking the PC out of commission.

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