Kazaa Documents Opened To The Public

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

Altnet, one of the companies closely associated with the bizarrely structured Sharman Networks, which sort of owns Kazaa, but might not really, had asked an Australian court to keep certain documents from being released publicly in the lawsuit the recording industry has filed against them. These were documents that were seized last year, in a raid where private recording industry officials were given permission to raid a company they were taking to court — rather than having police raid a company in a criminal suit. The court has rejected the request, and made the documents public. News.com focuses on the fact that they reveal how much Sharman paid for Kazaa ($780,000), but Slashdot has a some more interesting quotes, relating to how the folks working on Kazaa knew that the adware/spyware they bundled was a pain and probably driving users to other file sharing platforms. In fact, employees of the company apparently hated to install the program on their own computers, knowing it would slow it down drastically. And, they now wonder why no one uses Kazaa any more? It’s not only the recording industry that gets in trouble for treating its own customers badly…

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