Missing Disks Never Existed

from the no-wonder-they-were-missing dept

As was mostly expected, it turns out that the two missing disks of “classified” info that went missing from Los Alamos Labs never actually existed in the first place — pointing out some serious problems in the way the lab tracked confidential information. As someone pointed out in the comments when we first mentioned the possibility that the disks were not lost at all — this is the worst kind of inventory problem. A product disappears because it never existed in the first place — but because an inventory system lists it, it has to be assumed “missing.” Meanwhile, the University of California, who manages the lab, is getting much of its management fee for running the lab sliced. Hopefully, they’re working on a better way to track this stuff down, so we don’t get weeks of hysterical headlines, followed by the wrongful arrest of novelty shop owners.

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