Home Networking Saturation?

from the and-there's-your-problem... dept

A new study is out suggesting that there might be some problems in the home networking world, pointing out that the vast majority of adults who don’t currently have a home network say they have no plans to install one. Of course, it’s easy to pick apart this study and point out why it’s completely pointless. Very few people actually want “a home network.” They want what a home network lets them do. It’s yet another case of focusing on the technology, and not the benefits of the technology. Once people realize they can move content around or use the internet across multiple devices, then suddenly they’re interested — not in the home network itself, but what it lets them do. In fact, the best “home network” would be one where the person living there doesn’t even realize they have a home network — but it just works. Unfortunately, we’re a long way from that stage.

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