AOL Recognizes Time Warner Exists… Yet Again

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It’s only been four years since AOL and Time Warner merged, and they still haven’t figured out this synergy thing. Over the years we’ve had plenty of stories about AOL competing with Time Warner for broadband customers. The lack of a willingness to work together meant that AOL was spinning its wheels for nearly half a decade, losing customers in droves. About a year ago, it looked like maybe they had finally realized what was going on, and AOL and Time Warner announced a plan to offer broadband services together. So, what happens nine months later? Look at that! AOL and Time Warner have announced plans to offer broadband services together. Sounds an awful lot like their announcement last April, which hasn’t really resulted in anything other than this new announcement. It’s going to be considered one of the biggest blunders in merger history — but the fact that it’s taken this long for such an announcement to occur shows just how badly this company has been managed since the merger.

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