Would You Like Fries With That Outsourcing, Part II

from the thank-you,-come-again dept

Last year we wrote about a number of McDonald’s franchises that had outsourced their drive through order taking to a call center in Colorado. Customers had no idea the person they were talking to was thousands of miles away, and apparently, the call center operators were more efficient and more accurate. The restaurants liked it, because they could keep employees focused on serving the food. Apparently, the idea has caught the attention of many other retailers and it’s suddenly a big trend to outsource this aspect of your business. Some call centers even provide local info to workers, in case a drive through customer asks where the nearest grocery store or gas station is. Of course, for all those who are afraid that these jobs will shift overseas, so far, they tend to stay on US soil, and part of the reason for that is the desire to keep the appearance as if the person is in the store itself.

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